[Video] Benzema’s EPIC reaction to Fan chanting VISCA BARCA

A video of Real Madrid’s forward Karim Benzema is going viral on social media where he was seen along with the fan that chanted the Catalan saying. Benzema’s reaction is Epic too.

Fan chanting VISCA BARCA in front of Benzema
Fan chanting VISCA BARCA in front of Benzema

What happened to Benzema and how did he react?

The incident happened with Benzema during his time in the US for the preseason friendlies. Benzema was out in the street, that’s when fans gathered to take photos with him. And the French forward still gave some time to take the photo.

The French forward was posing with a lady fan of LA Galaxy Football Club. Suddenly, a fan of the same club came in front of him and decided to create an awkward situation. The man started shooting a video and began chanting ‘Visca Barca’ in front of him.

No way, Benzema could ignore the chanting and his reaction was all recorded in the video. Karim gave a slight look to that fan and left the place. However, he did not utter any words. A classy reaction from a classy player.

And the fan who decided to create the scene must be a fool to not respect players of rival teams.

What does Visca Barca mean?

The chant that the fans shouted in front of Karim Benzema is directly related to the rivalry between Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Visca Barca means Long Live Barcelona which is a Catalan Saying. It is used by the fans of Barcelona which is a Catalan club.

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