Denmark vs Finland game suspended after Eriksen’s sudden collapse during the match

When Christian Eriksen collapsed graphics
When Christian Eriksen collapsed on the pitch

The game between Denmark and Finland was suspended after Christian Eriksen suddenly collapsed during the match.


Danish star Christian Eriksen was playing against Finland in the current ongoing Euro Cup.  During the 43rd minute, all of a sudden, Eriksen fainted on the pitch. There was no direct contact between Eriksen and other players. At the time of the collapse, he was all alone and running slowly.

According to FIFA, an immediate meeting between two teams was conducted to decide about the match and about Eriksen’s health.

Following the Eriksen collapse during the match, Anthony Taylor, the match referee stopped the match immediately. The Medical staff went rushing onto the field and was seen performing the CPR as Denish players surrounded Eriksen to avoid any cameras. After that, he was rushed to the hospital. 

Danish captain Simon Kjær was seen to initiate CPR meanwhile Kasper Schmeichel and Kjær himself was consoling Christian’s wife who was on the touchline. The emotional Danish team was forming a human wall around Eriksen in tears. The fans were seen crying, the whole situation was heartbreaking.

The score in the game was 0-0 when Eriksen collapsed. And it was suspended.

Current situation of Eriksen

The latest report from UEFA Euro 2020 is : “The player has been transferred to the hospital and has been stabilized.”
Christian Eriksen is out of danger and is able is speak. The Finnish fans were chanting CHRISTIAN meanwhile Danish fans were chanting ERIKSEN after he was rushed to the hospital.

From Football Devils we thank the medical team who acted quickly to save Eriksen’s life as well as the togetherness of the Danish team in such a difficult situation.

Also, the suspended match between Denmark and Finland is set to resume at 8:30 PM local time/2:30 PM ET, according to a statement from Denmark.

Update: Christian Eriksen had a Facetime call with his teammates from the hospital and asked them to play the game tonight, as he “feels well now”, according to ZDF.

Update: Emotional Denmark team lost 1-0 to Finland and Eriksen was given Man of the match for fighting with his life. A lovely Gesture by officials and the fans!!

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  1. it looks like it is coming home. but i feel the italians will take it this time. their team spirit is something else.

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