Football fans react to Elon Musk’s JOKE of buying Manchester United

The world’s richest person Elon Musk has clarified that he won’t be buying Manchester United. Musk sent Manchester United fans into a frenzy in the early hours of Wednesday morning by posting a tweet claiming that he’s about to buy the club.

Fans reaction to Elon Musk buying Man United
Fan’s reaction to Elon Musk buying Man United

Red Devils supporters are desperate to get rid of their current owners, the Glazer family. They were in the hysteria following the tweet, with many believing that Musk was preparing a legitimate offer to purchase the club.

Buying United, one of the biggest football clubs in the world, would have cost Musk at least £2bn, according to its current stock market valuation. However, the American Businessman has since clarified that he was joking around and that Manchester United was his favorite club as a child.

Fans responded with a mixture of bafflement and optimism given the lowly status of a club used to occupying the top places in the league rather than the bottom.

One fan reacted how Elon Musk’s robot will take over football in the future.

Now the pressure is on the current owners of the club.

One Facebook user commented

Don’t play with my feelings anymore 👀

Manchester United lost their first two Premier League games against Brighton and Brentford and are at the bottom of the table. Their next game is against Liverpool on 23 August.

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