Kylian Mbappe Injury History – Vs Haaland and Hazard

Kylian Mbappe is the best young player at the moment. With an outstanding pace along with dribbling, movement and technical skills, and lethal in front of the goalpost, he got it all. Despite his excellent skills, Mbappe also could not escape from the injuries.

Mbappe Injury History
Mbappe Injury History
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Mbappe Injury History at PSG, France, and Monaco

Throughout the career of Kylian Mbappe Lottin, he has played for just 3 teams, Monaco, PSG and his nation France. Whichever team he has played, he has been a key player on the team. In this article, we will cover the injury record of Mbappe for different teams.

Injury Records at Paris Saint Germain

Even with the presence of top players like Messi and Neymar, the PSG striker has been the best player of the club for the last 3 years. Though we rarely see him missing games due to injuries, he has had a lot of injuries throughout his career, in double digits. Mbappe has scored more than 95 goals in 107 games till now and is still counting.

Maybe his outstanding stats be the reason his injury record has been slightly ignorable. Unlike Hazard’s recent injury records at Real Madrid, PSG fans can easily ignore the injury stats of the French striker.

Till now, Kylian has been injured 14 times in his 4 years at PSG missing just 135 days. And in the 2021/22 season, he was just injured 2 times and missed just 1 game in 15 days.

The last time, Mbappe was injured was on October 26, 2021, when he missed just 1 game in 7 days. And the first injury of the 2017 Golden Boy with PSG was in August of 2017 but did not miss any games. Most of his injuries are Calf injuries and Ankle Injuries.

Mbappe Injury at PSG
Mbappe Injury at PSG
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S.NSeasonInjury TypeFrom – ToGames Missed
12017/18Knee ProblemsAug 7 – Aug 10, 2017
22017/18Head InjuryJan 22 – Jan 29, 20182
32017/18Ankle ProblemsMar 1 – Mar 5, 20181
42019/20Shoulder InjuryNov 21 – Nov 27, 20181
52019/20Hamstring InjuryAug 26 – Sep 25, 20195
62019/20Thigh ProblemsOct 2 – Oct 17, 20191
72019/20Adductor ProblemsNov 7 – Nov 11, 20191
82019/20Ankle InjuryJul 25 – Aug 10, 20201
92020/21Corona VirusSep 7 – Sep 18, 20203
102020/21Thigh ProblemsNov 1 – Nov 15, 20202
112020/21Calf InjuryApr 29 – May 3, 20211
122020/21Calf InjuryMay 5 – May 11, 20211
132021/22Calf InjurySep 2 – Sep 10, 2021
142021/22InfectionOct 26 – Nov 2, 20211

Injury Records at Monaco

The injury stats of the 2018 FIFA World Cup winner, Kylian is much less at his former club, Monaco. He has been injured just 2 times in his 2 years at Monaco. But compared with his time at PSG, he has missed

Mbappe’s first recorded injury at Monaco or his senior career was in January of 2016. He has a testicular disruption from Jan 25 to Feb 15 of 2016 and missed 5 games in 21 days.

Similarly, after 6 months, he suffered from a head injury which cost him 7 games between August 11 and September 15 of 2016.

SNSeasonInjuryFrom -To Games Missed
12016/17Testicular DisruptionJan 25 – Feb 15, 20162
22016/17Head InjuryAug 11 – Sep 11, 2-161

So, the former Monaco striker, Kylian Mbappe has been injured just 2 times and missed 12 games for Monaco.

Mbappe vs Haaland Injury

PSG’s Number 7, Kylian Mbappe and Dortmund’s Erling Haaland are two of the best rising footballers. Both are in their early 21 and both look promising stars. But, both the players have been severely affected by injuries.

Mbappe Vs Haaland Injury record
Mbappe Vs Haaland Injury record
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Comparatively, Haaland has the worst injury record than Mbappe. Though their injury counts are similar as Mbappe has been injured 16 times while Haaland has been injured just 13 times.

But don’t let this stat deceive you from the fact that Haaland is more injury-prone. Firstly, Mbappe has already played 6 seasons while Haaland has just played 3 seasons at the top level. And Mbappe missed most of the games during his time at Monaco. But, the Dortmund has been more injured in recent times. Comparing the 2021/22 stats, Erling has missed 17 games this season, while Mbappe has just missed 1 game.

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