Adult movie, Beer, and Taking Photos – 5 Bizarre Things that are banned in Qatar World Cup 2022 that can lead to Arrest and Imprisonment

It might surprise you that there are some very common thing that is strictly banned in the Qatar World Cup which is common in the European countries where football is at its peak. Fans who are used to doing such things on a regular basis might be arrested and sent to jail in the middle east.

Things banned in Qatar World Cup
Things banned in Qatar World Cup

Football Devils warns you of the top 5 things that are strictly prohibited in Qatar if you are planning to go there.

What is banned in World Cup in Qatar?

Qatar becoming the first Middle Eastern country and the first Asian country to host World Cup singlehandedly, the football world has mixed into Excitement as well as controversies.

Besides the corruption and immigrant construction workers’ condition controversies, Qatar has found itself in some disagreement with European football lovers regarding the laws to be implemented in the country.

1 Alcohol in Stadium

In Europe, Drinking beer before the club matches with the fans and traveling to the stadium is pretty fun, right?? If you are thinking of doing the same in World Cup, we Warn you.

Two days before the World Cup starts in Qatar, FIFA announced a new rule that alcohol and beer won’t be sold in all of the 8 stadiums where World Cup games will be played.

England supports in front of beers
England supports in front of beers

Prior to that, it was announced that alcohol will be available in the stadiums, in selected areas. However, it does not mean that alcohol is totally banned in the whole country.

As per sources, alcohol will be available at the FIFA fan festival and some licensed venues, however, total ban inside the stadium.

2. Taking Pictures and Videos

Who wouldn’t like to capture new and exciting things when you see them for the first time? A great memory to have. However, in Qatar, think twice before you take a photo.

Yes, you heard it right. Fans or any visitors are banned from clicking photos and videos of some prohibited regions. It includes military areas and construction sites.

No photo or video in Qatar World Cup 2022
No photo or video in Qatar World Cup 2022

Otherwise, fans can take photos inside the stadium and capture the moment.

3. Proper Dress Code

The dress code in Qatar has been strict for a long time, especially for women, which can be very challenging to European fans. Most Muslim girls cover their bodies and face with clothes, so, exposing body parts for Qatari nationals is a crime.

And Qatar expects fans coming to see the World cup be cautious about their dress code. However, Qatar does not impose that you wear their dress completely. They are just asking fans to wear proper – dress covering their knees.

Use proper dress code in Qatar World Cup 2022
Use proper dress code in Qatar World Cup 2022 Source: AP Photo / Hassan Ammar

Not a hard rule to implement and we as a fan can show our RESPECT for their culture.

And for the general football fans, avoid taking your t-shirt out during the matches. It is also restricted.

4. Respect

Talking about respect, Qatar demands heavy respect from the football fans who are going to visit their country. Some of the respect fans must show are,

Respect each other in Qatar World Cup 2022
Respect each other in Qatar World Cup 2022

– Don’t ask personal questions to anyone from Qatar – especially females.

– Take off your shoes while entering a mosque or guest room.

– Do not shake hands with opposite genders.

– Don’t use your index finger while calling waiters – Use your palm.

5. Homosexuality and Extramarital affairs

One of the most controversial laws for fans in the Qatar World Cup is sexual intercourse involving the same gender and beyond husband and wife. People are often blaming the country for leaving their LGBT fans behind.

A few days ago, a Qatari ambassador, Khalid Salman made headlines after he accused gay people of having damage to their brains.

No homosexuality or extramarital affairs in Qatar World Cup 2022
No homosexuality or extramarital affairs in Qatar World Cup 2022

Besides homosexuality, Qatar has also banned intimacy between unmarried partners and if found it may lead to 7 years of prison.

What do you think about these 5 bizarre rules in Qatar?

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