[Explained] Champions League away goal rule | What if two teams draw?

The Champions League away goal rule was one of the substantial factors that decide the winner of the two-legged knockout if both of the teams score the same goals. It has been the reason for joys or heartbreak for several teams in the past. But in June 2021, UEFA announced that the rule will no longer exist.

Champions Away Goal rule
Champions Away Goal rule

What was the UEFA away goal rule before with Examples

Previously, most of the knockout matches were played in two legs in the home stadium of each team. Both teams get a chance to play in front of the fans. If a team scores more goals than others then undisputedly that team will be the winner.

But, if both teams scored an equal number of goals, then the winner will be decided based on the number of goals that a team has scored in away matches. And the team will be qualified to play in the next round.

When was the away rule introduced?

The away goal rule was introduced in the 1965-66 European Cup Winners Cup.

German club Borussia Dortmund won the tournament defeating Liverpool in the final.

What are the new Champions League aggregate rules?

The new away goal rule is simple, if both teams score the same number of goals, then simply the match will be decided in the additional 30 minutes. And if the score is a tie, then it will go into penalties.

So, away goals will no longer be a deciding factor to determine the winner of the two-legged match.

Why was the away goal rule abolished?

Though the rule has been for more than 55 years, the UEFA has decided to get rid of the news.

UEFA president responded to the news

Regarding the change, Aleksander Ceferin, president of UEFA has told that the away goal rule ruined the original purpose of the football.  According to him, because of the rule, the team had the mindset of saving the advantage. Which in turn discouraged them from paying to attack. He mentioned the rule as the “counter to its original purpose of football”.

He said,

“It now dissuades home teams — especially in first legs — from attacking, because they fear conceding a goal that would give their opponents a crucial advantage”

Do other competitions get impacted by the change?

The new rule will be applied to all the competition of UEFA. It includes Men’s and Women’s tournaments as well as the Youth matches under UEFA.

Players’ and Coaches’ reactions to the change in away rule

Fans have been divided into two teams those who favor the decision while some think it will ruin the game. They have their own opinion on the case. And famous players and coaches also could not hold themselves from giving.

Champions League
Champions League

Chelsea’s manager Thomas Tuchel is one of the coaches that are in favor of the certain change. Tuchel said,

I liked it (away goal rule), I understand it because it gave an edge in terms of the mathematics in away games but at the same time I never fully understood why a 3-1 should be a better result than a 2-0 or worse for one team.” He added, “I had the impression that it gives chance to be more offensive because you can think about scoring and not so much about conceding.

And Tuchel thinks that it will not affect his side (Chelsea) negatively. He loves attacking football and is ready for it.

He said,

We will try to keep a clean sheet, try to attack as good as possible. If at all it changes a little bit in at all the approach to the second leg, we don’t have to think as much ‘Do we have to score a goal?

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