FIFA considering new football rules including Unlimited Subs, 30 mins halves…

FIFA is currently experimenting with the new football rules that will what they say “revolutionize the game.”

According to Mundo Deportivo, ‘Future of Football Cup’ youth tournament is to test the rules. Under 19 side of PSV, AZ AlkmaarRB Leipzig and Club Brugge are taking part in the experimant. 

What are the new Rules?

The new rules have major four changes. 

1) Two 30 minutes halves (60 minutes Full Time)

Currently, football is played for 90 minutes plus extra time if it is not a knock-out competition. However, this new rule will have just an hour of football which will be divided into two 30 minutes halves. Also, the clock will stop if there is any interruption in the game such as ball out of play, player injury, etc. 

2) Unlimited substitutions

Currently, football has increased the number of substitutions from 3 to 5 temporarily because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But, the new football rule will have unlimited substitutions

3)Yellow card = Five Minutes Suspension

Under the new rule, if a player gets a yellow card, he/she must leave a field for five minutes. At the moment, there is no punishment for a player with a single yellow card. 

4)Throw-ins with the feet

One of the most controversial rule that is being experimented with is throw-ins with the feet rather than hand. So it’s going to be KICK INS rather than a THROW INS. Also, the player can directly dribble from the corner kick without combining with another teammate.

How it all started?

Back in April 2021, the concept of the European Super League shocked the footballing world. Europe’s biggest football clubs were involved in the project which was led by Real Madrid’s president Florentino Perez alongside Joel Glazer and Andrea Agnelli. 

This created a massive earthquake of criticism from other football clubs and fans all around the globe. The so-called Superclubs had to retreat from the idea but that left a mark on FIFA and UEFA.

UEFA soon changed the format of the Champions League as well which will involve more games. The fans were not loving the idea but UEFA had perfect timing of the Super League.

European Super League President said: “young people find football matches too long and not interesting, we might have to make the football matches shorter”.

Now, FIFA experimenting on these new rules is the direct effect of ESL which threatened the football hierarchy. 

The Reaction to the new rule

Just like VAR, the concept of these new rules was not entered by football fans all around the globe. Many claimed football was in the wrong hand and these rules will simply kill the beautiful game we all loved.

Fans Reaction to FIFA's new rule
Fans Reaction to FIFA’s new rule

What is your view on these rules?? Should this be implemented in professional football?

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