[Details] Former Manchester City star David Silva Fined €1,080 for Misbehaviour against a Woman | Will he go to PRISON?

Spanish footballer David Silva has been fined some money for physically misbehaving with a young woman. The event happened during the Maspalomas Carnival in Gran Canaria when he was involved.

David Silva assaulted women
David Silva assaulted women

What happened to David Silva?

Former Manchester City star David Silva is not the guy that is often portrayed as a bad guy. However, this time he has been involved in legal charges and fined by the court.

Silva, his brother Fernando Antonio Jimenez Silva, and another third individual were the person involved in the incident. The event took place on June 19 during the musical festival at the Maspalomas Carnival in Gran Canaria.

As per the reports, Silva had the intention of physically harming the woman as he grabbed her and pushed her as the young lady fell to the ground. It said,

“With the intention of undermining the physical integrity of the victim, toughly grabbed her arm to move her away, causing her to fall to the ground.”

His brother Fernando and Third Person went Brutal

Though David did not have much physical damage to the defendants, however, his brother Fernando Antonio Jimenez Silva and other third person were getting vital.

As per the mirror, his brother hit one of the men with a fist in his fist. As the fan fell to the ground, Fernando continued beating the man and he even hit another woman too.

Similarly, the unnamed third person threw stones which caused the other people injured in the head. Also, he had a knife as he threatened people saying,

“Come here and I will cut you”

Legal action against Silva

Following the incident, the incident did not go too far enough to reach court. The case did not make it to the trial as other parties also admitted that they got involved and eventually settled the case.

However, the punishment for the action is not too high as he is charged with paying just €1,080 in amount.

Regarding prison time, he won’t face any jail time as he has been set free with just a small fine.

Similarly, the unnamed third person has been charged with 8 months in prison.

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