Messi’s wife Antonella’s reaction to Ronaldo’s girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez

Antonella, the wife of PSG’s star, Lionel Messi was spotted commenting on Ronaldo’s partner video, Georgina Rodriguez. What did she say? Are they friends?

Antonella reacts to Ronaldo's girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez's Instagram clip
Antonella reacts to Ronaldo’s girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez’s Instagram clip

Antonella reacts to Ronaldo’s girlfriend

Cristiano Ronaldo Vs Lionel Messi – Who is the best player of all time?

Undoubtedly, this is the most discussed topic in the football world in the last 15 years. Even footballers and coaches have different opinions regarding them while fans are even ready to battle each other to prove their opinion right.

But it is not the same case in the life of Cristiano and Messi. Both are great players and have nothing but respect for each other. From time to time, they have always praised each other.

It seems their respect for their rival is not limited to the athletes only as their partners also share the same values. Recently, they hit the news when Messi’s wife Antonella commented in a short clip of Georgina Rodriguez, who is girlfriend of Cristiano.

What did Antonella comment on Georgina’s post?

On July 23, Georgina posted a short video where she was seen promoting Alo Yoga, a company that sells accessories related to yoga. And she was wearing white tops, black underwear and pink heels. Her Insta post got flooded with comments from different people including celebrities too.

One of the noticeable names in the comment section was Antonella Roccuzzo, the life partner of the Argentine football star, Lionel Messi. Though she did not write any words, she mentioned 3 emojis of fire symbol, referring to the quality of Georgina’s video.

Both, Georgina and Antonella are partners with Alo Yoga. And both frequently promote the brand through their social media.

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